- Product Customization.

Since 2009, Dimension Foot has allowed you to personalize all your baby, children, or adult football items! It is in our workshop equipped with professional pneumatic transfer presses that our specialists carefully apply your customization to achieve the perfect result.

Personalize your football items with your name or with the image of your favorite player. Our teams offer you a choice of "unofficial fan-style" customizations as well as a selection of official customizations identical to those worn by players during all official matches. Please note that for "unofficial fan-style" customizations, colors and placements may differ due to rights imposed by equipment manufacturers. The customer therefore agrees to accept the application of the customization according to the standards mentioned above; any request for return or exchange will not be accepted.

And to go even further in customizing your item, Dimension Foot allows you to add the official badge of certain championships of your favorite team. Simply select the option when customizing your product!

- Extensive experience in this field.

Specialists trained in the most efficient techniques.

Customization following the recommendations of manufacturers to optimize resistance (temperature, pressure, pressing time).

Official customizations and badges from the biggest clubs and championships.

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